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Panther Medical Celebrates Canadian Expansion

Today’s Health System would not be the same as they would’ve been without the important work that Canadian Doctors and Health workers do in our Canadian Healthcare system.

Panther Healthcare is one of the largest surgical stapler Manufacturers in the world, is now in Canada with solutions to the growing cost of quality Healthcare. Incumbent providers have exploited a lack of competition in Canada that Panther Medical will correct. By reflecting on the historic advancements in the last few decades, Canada will be well prepared to rise to the coming service challenges of the future.

Company Profile 

About Panther Medical

Panther Medical was founded in 2018 by co-founders David Goossens and Mario Cortis. They have recognized the need to address inflation in the Canadian Healthcare system and the lack of benefit to the Canadian Tax Payer.

The Healthcare crunch of the last decade has seen a marked effect on the ability for local and regional Hospitals to maintain or increase staff members; often times this shortage in funds translates into a reduced patient outcome as the quality of their care is diminished or reduced.

With Head Offices in Ajax and Sales and Operations Centers in London Ont., Panther Medical is growing its Canadian workforce, bringing jobs while bringing value to the Health Care System with a focus maximizing return to local communities.

Panther Medical Canada is committed to doing all that is possible to reduce our carbon footprint. This is done via a low impact production line, and a level of higher quality products. Reducing waste is one of the core drives for us here at Panther Medical.

Our Experienced Medical Agency

Panther Medical is an experienced agency that focuses on high grade medical equipment, tools, and technology. We work closely with healthcare professionals throughout Canada to help them offer each and every patient the highest-quality care available. Our exclusive partnerships with some of the most-recognized and highly-successful hospitals enable us to provide our clients with solutions that can help achieve optimal outcomes.