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Purple Ultimate AutoShield Bladed Trocar


The Purple Surgical Ultimate AutoShield Trocar Range features an ultra-sharp, linear b-lateral blade for simple, low force insertion into the abdominal cavity.


• Linear blade allows reduced insertion force and reduced fascial defect
• Shielded mechanism to minimise the possibility of inadvertent tissue damage with ‘blind’ primary port placement
• Removable modular seal housing allows simple, quick specimen removal and rapid desufflation
• Robust, flexible seal design ensures leak free operation throughout the procedure
• Clear cannula for effective visualisation during instrument exchange and specimen removal
• Available in ribbed, smooth and threaded cannula

Product Brochure (ENG)


Product Code SizeCannula Packing / Box
PS3575ULT5mm x 70mm TrocarRibbed5
PS3565ULT5mm x 100mm TrocarRibbed5
PS3560ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar  Ribbed5
PS3562ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar Ribbed5
PS3576ULT5mm x 70mm Trocar + Additional CannulaRibbed5
PS3563ULT5mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaRibbed5
PS3564ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional Cannula Ribbed5
PS3561ULT 12mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaRibbed5
PS4575ULT5mm x 70mm TrocarSmooth5
PS4565ULT5mm x 100mm TrocarSmooth5
PS4560ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar Smooth5
PS4562ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar Smooth5
PS4576ULT5mm x 70mm Trocar + Additional CannulaSmooth5
PS4563ULT5mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaSmooth5
PS4564ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional Cannula Smooth5
PS4561ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaSmooth5
PS5575ULT5mm x 70mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5565ULT5mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5560ULT10mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5562ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar Threaded5
PS5576ULT5mm x 70mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded5
PS5563ULT5mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded5
PS5564ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional Cannula Threaded5
PS5561ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded5


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