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Purple Ultimate Dilating Tip Bladeless Trocar


The Purple Surgical Ultimate Dilating Tip Trocar Range separates rather than lacerates tissue.

Features :

• Minimises port site injury and facilitates rapid healing
• Reduced fascial defect compared to bladed trocars
• Reduced rate of port site herniation
• Minimises requirement for port site suturing
• Robust, flexible seal design ensures leak free operation throughout the procedure
• Effective retention ridges ensure trocar stability during instrument exchange
• Clear cannula for effective visualisation during instrument exchange and specimen removal
• Available in ribbed, smooth and threaded cannula

Product Brochure (ENG)


Product Code SizeCannula Packing / Box
PS3475ULT 5mm x 70mm TrocarRibbed5
PS3465ULT 5mm x 100mm TrocarRibbed5
PS3460ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar   Ribbed5
PS3462ULT12mm x 100mm TrocarRibbed5
PS3476ULT5mm x 70mm Trocar + Additional CannulaRibbed5
PS3463ULT5mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaRibbed5
PS3464ULT 10mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional Cannula Ribbed5
PS3461ULT 12mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaRibbed5
PS4475ULT5mm x 70mm TrocarSmooth5
PS4465ULT5mm x 100mm TrocarSmooth5
PS4460ULT10mm x 100mm TrocarSmooth5
PS4462ULT12mm x 100mm TrocarSmooth5
PS4476ULT5mm x 70mm Trocar + Additional CannulaSmooth5
PS4463ULT5mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaSmooth5
PS4464ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional Cannula Smooth5
PS4461ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaSmooth5
PS5475ULT5mm x 70mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5465ULT5mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5460ULT10mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5462ULT12mm x 100mm TrocarThreaded5
PS5476ULT5mm x 70mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded5
PS5463ULT5mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded5
PS5464ULT10mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional Cannula Threaded5
PS5461ULT12mm x 100mm Trocar + Additional CannulaThreaded5


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