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Reload Cartridges for Endo Stapler


  • Articulating Cartridge Reload

  • The Panther endo articulating reloads are available in 3 different lengths-30mm, 45mm and 60mm and 5 different staple heights- 2.5mm (White), 3.5mm (Blue), 4.2mm (Gold), 4.8mm (Green) and 5.0mm (Black) to handle the broadest range of tissues. New knife with every reload enables a precision cutting and reduces the risk of cross contamination. Articulating reloads offer 45 degree continuous articulation on each side with the Panther Endo Stapler for better access and maneuverability.
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  • Curve Tip Articulating Cartridge Reload

The Panther curved tip reload, specially indicated for Thoracic surgery, is designed with a curved tip at the distal end of the anvil to provide enhanced visibilty and access to thin hidden tissues and vessels. Available ins 2 lenghts -30mm and 45 mm with 2.5mm (White) staple height.

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  • Extra Grip Cartridge Reload

Pather EG Relaods are designed for extra thick tissues with a firmer grip during all firing processes. Provides atraumatic extra grip during Bariatric and Thoracic surgeries resulting in reduced firing force and consistent staple line. Available in lenghts of 45mm and 60 mm with 2 options of staple height- 4.8mm (Green) and 5.0mm (Black)

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  • Articulating Cartridge Reload

  • Product CodeJ&J ECHELON (A=articulating)J&J ETS Medtronic© Tri-Staple™
    CADB-30T-TR45W (white)030451
    CADB-30N-6R45B (blue)030452
    CADB-45TECR45W (white)TR45G (green)030454
    CADB-45NECR45B (blue)-030455
    CADB-45DECR45G (green)-040456
    CADB-60TECR60W (white)-030457
    CADB-60NECR60B (blue)-030458
    CADB-60SECR60D (gold)--
    CADB-60DECR60G (green)-030459
    CADB-60RECR60T (black)--
    • Curve Tip Articulating Cartridge Reload

  • Product CodeColourJ&J ECHELON (A=articulating)J&J ETS Medtronic© Tri-Staple™
    CADC-30TWhite--EGIA30CTAVM Vascular/Medium
    CADC-45TWhite--EGIA45CTAV Vascular
    EGIA45CTAVM Vascular/Medium
    EGIA60CTAVM Vascular/Medium
    EGIA60CTAMT Medium/Thick
    EGIA45CTAMT Medium/Thick