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Thoracic Surgery

From the earliest operations on the pericardium that took place in the 19th century innovation has been the key to improving reliable surgical techniques and strategies. The past has become a testing ground for how we improve experiences for doctors today. We have built upon the fundamentals and moved to adding more consistent value and opportunities for surgeons. With the advent of the first successful surgery of the heart performed without any complications where a stab wound to the right ventricle was repaired September 7, 1896. The medical engineers of our time have excelled in new ways for improving patient outcome.
By lowering costs and reducing complications of current surgery in great vessels there has been a more sustainable and beneficial shift in Canada. The turn of the century has seen a marked increase in associated resources that cannot be avoided when considering long term patient care. Increases in case loads often lead to tighter fiscal budgets that can affect the long term viability of a specialty or specific procedure. By allowing more Surgeons the ability to operate we are able to expand the pool of talent in the country and create the opportunity for either more operating rooms or attending staff.

Panther Healthcare 2nd International Master Class Thoracic surgery 2018

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